Pitted Dates

What Are Pitted Dates? Everything You Need to Know

Have you been asked to consume pitted dates by your dietician? Don’t know exactly what are pitted dates? If so, you’ve landed in the right place. In this blog post, we’re going to explain what pitted dates are and how they can benefit you with your health.

What Exactly Are Pitted Dates?

When a date is in its whole shape with seed inside, it is known as a whole or un-pitted date. Pitted dates are dates with no seed inside, and therefore they are called pitted or seedless. They are widely being used all over the world, thanks to the numerous outstanding health benefits they offer. They are easy to chop and drier than Medjool dates.

Pitted Dates

Are They Good for You?

As already mentioned above, pitted dates are are chewy and delicious. They can be consumed by any age group. However, you should consult your dietician if you’re allergic to some foods. Like other types of dates, pitted dates are loaded with several nutrients, antioxidants and fiber, all of which are considered healthy. You can incorporate them into your meal in a moderate quantity. They are rich in fluorine, iron and fatty acids that helps fight obesity. Although there’s not any magic number to consume them on a daily basis, it’s completely safe and okay to eat five to six dates a day if you don’t have any medical condition that implies restrictions on the use of dates.

Pros & Cons of Pitted Dates

In addition to being delicious, pitted dates have a number of health benefits that are worth mentioning. 

They are high in nutrients – Though the majority of fruits are loaded with essential nutrients, pitted dates are considered the best source of nutrients. The 100 grams of pitted dates provide you with 18% of your copper RDI, 20% of your potassium RDI, and 7-gram of fiber. So, it’s the best option when it comes to foods with higher nutrients content. 

They help replenish potassium – Consuming pitted dates with water is the best, natural way to help your body restore potassium. You would be surprised to know that pitted dates have three times more potassium than bananas. If you have been asked by your physician to consume foods with high potassium content, there’s nothing better than consuming pitted dates. 

Ideal for bones health – We all know that patients with weak bones are advised to consume foods that are rich in calcium and vitamin D, both of which are abundantly present in pitted dates and whole dates. They are also high in copper and magnesium, the two essential nutrients our body needs to strengthen bones and avoid the likelihood of developing osteoporosis. 

They are rich in sugar – Since pitted dates are high in sugar, they can be problematic for people that are allergic to sugar-rich foods. Dates when consumed in a large quantity can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. But if blood sugar isn’t an issue for you, it’s safe to consume pitted dates.