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Is Coffee Good for You?

Seems like the medical community has been going back and forth on this issue forever.  One week we hear that the caffeine in coffee is bad for us; the next week, it is good for us.  Then we hear that other chemicals in coffee cause cancer; then we turn around and hear that coffee protects against certain kinds of cancer.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

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When people talk about coffee, the first thing they think of is caffeine.  A huge part of the population knows they cannot get going in the morning without that jolt of caffeine from their first cup of coffee.  Whether it’s a frap from the coffee shop or a cup of organic instant coffee, many people crave that caffeine.

There is good reason for people to crave that first cup of coffee or that pick-me-up in the late afternoon.  The latest scientific studies show that caffeine has many good effects on the human body.  When caffeine gets to the brain, it blocks a neurotransmitter called adenosine.  Blocking adenosine lets other neurotransmitters increase their activity.

When these other neurotransmitters are firing, people report better memory, more energy, improved reaction times, and better vigilance.  In fact, many test prep studies show that students perform better on standardized testing when they have a cup of coffee before the test. 

Weight Loss

That’s not all that caffeine can do for you.  Drinking a cup of Boomi instant coffee can help people lose weight.  Almost all commercial fat-burning supplements contain caffeine because studies report that caffeine can boost a body’s metabolic rate. When your metabolic rate is higher, you are burning more fat even when you are not moving. Other medical studies have shown that caffeine can increase fat burning by stimulating the nervous system to break down body fat.

Another good feature of caffeine is that it increases adrenaline levels in your body.  This increase in adrenaline can make you perform better in physical activities. 


Caffeine isn’t the only thing that organic instant coffee contains. The coffee bean contributes several essential nutrients to a person’s diet. One important nutrient contained in coffee is Riboflavin, one of the eight B vitamins.  These vitamins help the body convert food into fuel.  They also help the body use stored fats and allow the body to use protein. 

Another nutrient that Boomi coffee contains is pantothenic acid.  Pantothenic acid is another of the B vitamins, and it also helps to break down fats.  Coffee also contains manganese which is called a trace mineral. We only need a little tiny amount of it, but it is crucial to form bones, reduce inflammation and blood clotting. 

A really important nutrient contained in coffee is potassium.  Your muscles – including the muscles of your heart and lungs — can’t work without enough potassium. People get potassium from the foods they eat, including coffee.  

Now that we know all the benefits of drinking coffee, we don’t have to worry about drinking it.  We can enjoy a nice cup of organic instant coffee and realize it’s a good thing.