Buying Dates Online

Guide to Buying Dates Online in 2020

We have talked on the healthy dates’ benefits already and now we are going to find out what the most excellent type of dates are in market. There are many types of dates out in the market, but here, we will run through some important quality dates to be familiar with their extra details.

What are the top quality dates out there?

The dates need much warm weather to grow healthily with almost no rain. The region of Middle East is definitely has the most encouraging weather condition for the healthy growth of the dates after that comes Florida, Arizona, and California. To know how to buy dates online, you must know the types of most popular dates, so, let’s know the top quality dates and well known in the market.

Buying Dates Online

Ajwa Dates

These are specially God gifted type of the dates. The seeds of these dates have special benefits to provide the treatment for the patients with cholesterol and heart artery blockage problems. The paste of their seeds is special to treat heart diseases. Ajwa dates are a special product of Saudi Arabia. It is much soft, small size and dry fruit.


These dates are featured with their dark color and larger size. These are comparable to Ajwa dates regarding their delicacy and flavor. The safawi tree has special features regarding fruit productivity. That is why, these dates are available through out the year and their trees keep producing the fruit as compared to the other types of dates. But, though it’s available, it is till among the most excellent kinds of dates. The demand for these types of dates increase every day in view of the fact that these are one of the top quality dates and has the most healthy benefits for the human.

Medjool Dates

These dates are also well-known as the king of dates’ paradise in line with their quality health benefits and their great taste. They’re also well-known being soft dates. Physically, these are dried and have wrinkles from outside, but they are very much sweet and pasty inside. Generally, these fruits are dry or semi-dry and soft in line with their surface and flavor. Soft date is generally the most beautiful in part but it depends how much time they need for growth, in addition to how much highly vulnerable they’re to damage due to birds.

If you eat a piece of medjool dates you will feel the flavor like caramel. In actual fact, their flavor is so much similar to the caramel that it’s not easy to suppose you’re eating the medjool fruit or a caramel. If you need to taste caramel then you can opt for this highly nourishing date that has wonderful food and healing properties.

Sukary Dates

It has a light gold shade, a soft and sugary pulp. In the market, they’re often cultivated behind schedule, so they are dry. It is eaten fresh. It is only produced in wet form in North America. They are taken from the trees before they turn dry. The freshness of these dates is kept via good temperature control.

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Kimia Dates

It is actually originated from Iran. But now, China is also cultivating the palm trees of these dates. These dates are black fleshy dates that have very juicy flavor. These dates have much longer life; it can keep fresh until 15 days.

Where to buy the Dates online?

Preferably if you’ve learnt concerning the different kinds of dates, it will not be an issue for you to choose and buy dates whether from physical market or online. However, we would like to recommend that you buy dates online. This way, you will be able to reach other markets all over the world without leaving your home.