Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Science-Based Guidance from BodyView

Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve your performance or someone wanting to lose weight in a healthy way, understanding your body’s composition can help you achieve your goals. 

BodyView is a fitness and weight loss laboratory located in Whiteley, Hampshire that uses scientific testing to provide customized guidance.


Body Composition Testing

BodyView offers several tests to analyze your body composition. A DEXA scan uses low-dose X-rays to measure bone mass, fat mass, and lean mass. This test provides the most accurate body fat percentage reading. 

The Fat Max test measures your body’s ability to burn fat during exercise. It determines your fat oxidation rate to help create a personalized nutrition plan. A 3D body scan creates a 360-degree image of your body to track changes over time.

Cardiovascular Fitness Testing

Testing your cardiovascular fitness level is important for health and performance. BodyView conducts VO2 Max tests to measure maximum oxygen uptake. This test determines your aerobic capacity and indicates your endurance. 

It helps develop targeted training programs. They also measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR) to understand how many calories your body burns at rest. This aids in creating a calorie-controlled diet.

Customized Guidance and Support

After testing, BodyView’s experts analyze the results to create a bespoke nutrition plan, exercise routine, and weight loss or fitness goals tailored specifically for you. Their registered nutritionists and sports scientists provide ongoing support and guidance. 

They regularly re-test to monitor progress and make adjustments. Whether losing 10 pounds or training for a marathon, their personalized approach helps you achieve your goals efficiently and safely.

State-of-the-Art Facility

BodyView’s modern facility in Whiteley features all the latest equipment and technology to support testing and guidance. It is conveniently located between Portsmouth and Southampton on the South Coast of England. 

The comfortable and private environment puts clients at ease during assessments. With easy access along the M27 motorway, the laboratory provides a comprehensive service for those in Hampshire and the surrounding areas looking to optimize their fitness, performance, or weight management.

Final Words

In summary, BodyView uses scientific testing and expert analysis to develop customized plans for clients’ individual fitness, sports performance, and weight loss goals. 

Their bespoke approach and ongoing support can help both recreational exercisers and competitive athletes achieve real, measurable improvements in body composition and overall wellness. For those serious about understanding their bodies and maximizing their potential, BodyView offers an invaluable service.