Fitness Motivation for Older Adults

Fitness Motivation for Older Adults

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, eight different people were looking to gain better health and fitness.

Included in this group of wellness seekers were a thirteen-year-old girl, a nineteen-year-old male athlete, a twenty-five-year-old new mother of twelve weeks, a thirty-two-year-old male police officer, a forty-five-year-old mother of two, a fifty-three-year-old male heart attack survivor, a sixty-one-year-old male with double knee replacements, and a seventy-two-year-old female.

Fitness Motivation for Older Adults

As crazy as it may sound, the individuals all joined the same group fitness class. Of course, the individuals all had different health goals, needs, and expectations. Nevertheless, they were all asked to perform similar exercises.

Most of the exercises involved using functional bodyweight movements to improve strength, endurance, stability, balance, mobility, and flexibility.

The exercises were self-paced and carefully instructed and monitored, to ensure proper technique and to adjust for different performance needs. Not only could all of the individuals complete the workout, but did so across a wide spectrum of physical differences.

You see, this is not a health and fitness fairy tale. It is a daily occurrence right here in little ol’ Laramie, Wyoming. It could also be a reality where you live.

The next time someone tells you that your exercise should be managed with a focus on age as a primary factor, I would encourage you to consider with them that ability is a much more accurate determinant of a workout’s fit for the individual and its potential for success.

With the vast majority of our population at least twenty pounds overweight, consider the source when doubt is thrown your way. No matter what your age, goal, or physical limitation, YOU CAN achieve a healthy lifestyle and perform your best with a smart and consistent exercise plan and affordable small group training class. Of course, everyone is different and personal training may be more your speed. If you’re still not sure if getting more active by exercising on purpose is the right choice for your situation, you can check out how many of my client’s have overcome their fitness challenges on my How We Transform page: