organic medjool dates

What are Organic Medjool Dates?

The medjool dates are actually not like dried dates. They are very soft with very great sweet taste; even an old man or women can chew them easily without teeth. This fruit comes from palm trees. Among a lot of species of dates, the medjool dates are among the most excellent and most costly. The medjool dates are mostly cultivated in the farms of United States because there are many areas with warm climate. They are very much suitable to cultivate medjool dates. 

Palm Trees

To be precise, the palm trees are actually not the trees — they have no trunk whose bottom width increases as their age increases. Palm trees have the similar offshoot or “sucker” that a palm has in the home, but they’re pruned to cut the stem. Mostly, palm trees have the dates as fruit like other trees also have. Some palm trees produce special types of dates. For example, there are some palm trees in India producing wild date. They are also edible. Some other palm trees produce Canary Island dates. They are much harder to eat. There are also palm trees in Saudi Arabia that produce dates without its middle hard part. 

Which palm trees produce tasteful dates?

The palm trees that produce truly tasteful dates must have special climate to grow and produce fruits. The most suitable climate for palm trees is dry, hot, sunny with appreciate good quality water. It makes the climate the ideal for the plant to grow. Such a palm tree farms are found in North Africa, Middle and East. The older the palm trees, better and tasteful dates they will produce.


The date palm trees are of two types, male and female. Both have their own separate flowers. It means that one tree alone cannot produce the fruit. Both male and female date palm must be close enough to each other. A lot of female date palms are treated with special types of stigmas to produce the great type of dates. But the medjool date is an original fruit, not reproduced or invented by science. The date fruit is very soft and also available in dried shape. 

Features of the Medjool Dates

The medjool dates are actually very soft and, rich with fibers and sweet as well. It is a lot full of sugar that the skin of medjool dates shines with crystals of sugar. These dates have a juicy, spiced and taste like a baked food. And this date is considered most expensive. Normally, it is available at $10 per pound. It may vary according to the season and place. It is also for the reason that cultivating medjool dates involve a lot labor. There does not involve machine work. After treating the fruits on trees by hand, the fruits need to be covered to protect them from washing by air or rain. The fruit is taken from trees by hand.

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