4 Bad Exercise Habits You Need to Drop

4 Bad Exercise Habits You Need to Drop

You following our exercise routine carefully, that’s commendable but it doesn’t mean you have won. There are still a few things you need to give up if you want to achieve your dream fitness. Following, we are describing a few bad exercising habits that your trainers would love if just you dropped them.

4 Bad Exercise Habits You Need to Drop

  • Logging of Slow Cardio

Aerobic Exercise has its importance but you can depend on just one thing if you want to lose weight. Strength training builds and maintains your muscle mass as it produces beneficial hormones. Moreover, these exercises boost your metabolism which helps you to lose weight quicker.

  • Restricting Yourself to AB Exercises

Burning your fat won’t make the muscles appear. They are hidden under the layer of fat, and are not toned properly. So if you want to tone yourself with Exercise, you better start listing to your trainer. A good workout routine works on every muscle on your body, not just your favorite ones.  Learn the meaning of core and strength workout if you will.

  • Skipping Water

Water is a natural energy drink, no sense in not drinking it. You need to know that Dehydration hampers athletic performance. So you better skip the sports drink in favor of plain water if you workout routine takes more than an hour and half.

4 Bad Exercise Habits You Need to Drop 2

  • Not a Clue

Showing up late is bad enough, but having no idea what to do is the worst. Trainers hate it if you just bounce from one machine to another to focus on your favorite muscle groups while neglecting others. Before you Exercise, you need to write won your goal with exercises, sets, reps and weight which aims to reach a failure, when you can’t do another one. Learn to work up your routine if you show up late.