Will Resistance Training Help Lose Weight?

If you are here, you already have the desire to transform your life with the numerous health and wellness benefits of physical exercise. Whether you are looking to reduce anxiety and stress or lower that number (or a little of both), exercise has the power to transform the way we live, how we look and how we feel. Physical exercise is powerful – especially if you implement a consistent and balanced training program.

Cardiovascular workouts like running or cycling are great to start with, but the greatest health and weight loss benefits are found by incorporating resistance training.


Stimulate Your Metabolism

Getting into regular resistance training will help you improve your body’s metabolism by forcing you to burn calories and maintaining your muscles. After training, your body spends extra energy to repair its muscles. Even when you are not exercising, your muscles burn extra calories so they can be ready to take action almost immediately. If you gain muscle, your body will use more energy even when you are at the bus stop.

Improve your overall health

Resistance training does more than simply help you burn off excess calories. Trained muscles do not tire so quickly and are more resistant to injury. A good routine will improve your overall health so that you can continue to exercise regularly even as you get older. Resistance training strengthens bone stability, improves balance and strengthens tendons.

Extra aerobic training

While lifting weight probably won’t make your heart beat as fast as running or climbing, your heart will still get a good workout. To force your heart, you need to do activities that challenge your body. The resistance training routine will help much to improve your muscle mass. Increasing the strength of your weight machine

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