What You Need to Know about Health Supplements

What You Need to Know About Health Supplements?

If you are on Health Supplements, then you must think all supplements are perfectly safe for you. Well, it’s not more the merrier in every case. There are a few things you need to remember when choosing your supplements. The best way to proceed is to consult with your doctor and act according to his advice.

What You Need to Know about Health Supplements

  • Drug Interactions

Before you take any Health Supplements, you need to learn about drug interactions. It’s important when you are taking prescription drugs as it will help you to avoid drug overdose. Be sure to check with your physician before you take your supplements. If you are take Coumadin or blood thinner, it’s better to take natural alternatives like ginkgo biloba as it can thin your blood naturally.

  • Calcium Level

Too much calcium is bad for your health. Don’t misinterpret your calcium recommendation. If your doctor suggests you need 1000 milligrams calcium everyday then this is the total amount of calcium including your food, not only from your Health Supplements.

  • Fillers

This is a harsh truth, commercial brands (most of them) contain filler which are not good for your health. Make sure you read the labels carefully. Watch out for terms like Butylated Hydroxytoluene, sodium benzoate etc. If you find something like this then you better leave the supplement where you found it. If you want to buy Health Supplements then make sure you visit your local health store after consulting with your doctor.

What You Need to Know about Health Supplements 2

  • Don’t take Supplements Everyday

According to health practitioners, you better get your nutrients out of your food instant of a supplement bottle. Natural is better, therefore you need to take a break from your supplement and give your body one or two day rest from the supplement. Health Supplements are meant to improve your wellbeing and overdosing doesn’t work in your favor.