best shampoo for scalp acne

Scalp Acne – Know How to Prevent and Treat the Problem

Scalp acne cause a lot of pain that it is even difficult to comb and wash your hair. The balls can become very inflamed, mainly because the area is a very oily area. Those who suffer from the problem often should seek a dermatologist, but changing some habits may be the solution to prevent new acne from appearing on the scalp.

best shampoo for scalp acne

Why does the scalp have acne?

Scalp acne arises when hair follicles are clogged. These follicles are responsible for the birth of new hairs and when they are clogged they become inflamed, resulting in acne and even preventing hair growth.

Those who have oily skin are more likely to have acne on the scalp, because this makes it easier for the follicle to clog. This is also true for those who are adept at exercising, as sweat favors the clogging of pores.

How to prevent acne on the scalp?

We know it’s hard to have a very oily scalp and not want to wash your strands every day, but hold on! The ideal is to intersperse the washes to leave the follicles very clean and healthy. Sanitizing the strands every day can result in the rebound effect, that is, increase the hair’s oiliness.

Using finishing products in the root is prohibited! Women with curly and frizzy hair usually use combing cream, gelatin and other finishers without rinsing to define the curls or just straighten the strands, therefore, apply only to the length and ends. Residues from these products clog pores causing the dreaded pimples.

What is the best treatment for scalp acne?

1- Wash your head with the best shampoo for scalp acne to remove any product that is obstructing the hair follicles.

2 – Exfoliate the scalp with a product suitable for the region.

3 – Exfoliation with homemade recipe can also help you in this mission! Aloe sugar and honey sugar are the most famous.