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Quantum CBD H2O (Q&A w/ CEO Erik Gregory)

Interview by Scott Edward McDowell 

I recently caught up with Erik Gregory as I wanted to learn more about the CBD water he is producing with his partner Ryan Early at Can-Tek Labs. I stepped away from this conversation with Erik having a full understanding of Quantum CBD H2O.

Q: What is Quantum CBD H2o

Erik: Quantum CBD H2O is hands down the most exciting health beverage in the world right now! Offering the twin attributes of perfect hydration and a powerful 10mg full-spectrum phyto-cannabinoid dose per bottle, Quantum is benefitting a wide array of users. Our technology and trade secret process allows us to offer a product unlike any other on the market. Non-GMO, organic, American sourced, 100% THC free, 7.4 Ph, proprietary blended with electrolytes and minerals,expressing a full-range of natural terpenes for a great taste, thats’s truly the next level in hydration. We currently offer our 16.9 fl oz bottles in 12 pack and 24 case iterations.

10mg Quantum Post Card 5x7

Q: What is full spectrum isolation?
Erik: Scientific studies have proven that a full-spectrum product is vastly better than just an “Isolate”. This is because when the multiple superfood compounds of the hemp plant (there have been around 113 discovered to date!) are able to work *in concert* they are more efficacious, producing an effect known as “entourage” whereby an entire body system can achieve *homeostasis *(the tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium between physiological processes).

Q: What is nanoparticle technology?
Erik: Nano particle technologies are cutting edge processes being utilized by Quantum. Because nanoparticles have a greater surface area per weight than larger particles it causes them to be more reactive to other molecules. This is part of the miracle by which we take hemp oil and make it water soluble. Also of note is that typical absorption rates of standard hemp oils are poor with only around 10% surviving the gastro-intestinal tract. When liposomal encapsulation nano-technologies are used we see absorption rates skyrocket a minimum 5 times.

Q: What does it mean to have a perfect PH? 
Erik: PH (potential of hydrogen) is a 0-14 scale that measures acidity or alkalinity. We find that most states of disease exist in an environment of imbalance. The properly functioning human body has a narrow range of 7.35-7.45 PH for optimal functioning, and this is precisely the zone where QCBDH2O falls. It helps everything from Quantum’s great natural taste to absorption of the superfood compounds, electrolytes and minerals!


Q: Quantum CBD H2o sponsors a lot of combat sports leagues. Can you tell me about the leagues and athlete sponsorships?

Erik: Well first off it has to be said that QCBDH2O is *the first cannabis product to ever be accepted into professional sports. *Our agreement with the LFA (Legacy Fighting Alliance) changed the world. Some of the finest super-athletes in the world can trust what they are putting in their bodies when they use Quantum. We have had reviews that these fighters are experiencing shorter recovery times, dealing with less pain and inflammation, getting the best nights rest of their lives and not experiencing any loss of dexterity, agility or reaction. We also have sponsorships with individual fighters like the highly rated Sheymon da Silva Moraes, as well as a new deal with smaller regional mma/boxing promotion Sparta Combat League out of Denver. A move into other sports is right around the corner, with special interest from some players organizations who are concerned with CTE and
what QCBDH2O can do for them.

Q: Where can folks buy Quantum CBD H2o?
Erik: We are quickly expanding our strategic partnerships all over the USA. QCBDH2O has been catching fire in natural foods stores, grocers, convenience stores, vape shops, gyms and doctor’s offices nationwide.
You can check out our ever-changing retailers map here- http://quantumcbdh2o.com/where-to-find/
Or buy it online here- https://www.quantumcbdstore.com

Q: Where can people find more info on Quantum CBD H2o online?
Erik: We have our main national website- http://quantumcbdh2o.com