Cuff Surgery

3 Tips to Heal After a Rotator Cuff Surgery

Rotator Cuff Surgery offers relief from a torn shoulder tender, but it take s a long time to perfectly heal. If you want to reduce the time your shoulder needs to heal itself, you need to action on some precautionary measures. The following tips will help you for a fast recovery.

Cuff Surgery

Wear a Sling

You need to wear a shoulder sling to support your shoulder to heal. Wear a slinger all the time right after Rotator Cuff Surgery.  Wear this device for 4-6 weeks after surgery, and don’t move your entire arm. Move your wrist, hand, o and fingers but not your arm. You have to be careful for following the doctor’s advice when it comes to remove the support. But the fact is, you will need it for a long time right after surgery.

Physical Therapy

You will need a physical therapist if you suffer from rotator cuff tear. The therapist will help you obtain your full strength and flexibility while your shoulder heals. Physical therapy will start with a few gentle range of motion exercise. This active shoulder exercise will help you to heal fast so you will regain your active lifestyle. Just make sure you are following the therapists instruction carefully if you want to enjoy maximum benefits.

Avoid Using Your Arm

If you want to heal properly after a Rotator Cuff Surgery, you better avoid moving your entire arm.  Moving your arm can disrupt the healing process, so you better avoid doing the following:

  • Lift Things
  • Raise the arm over your head
  • Put weight on your shoulder
  • Reach behind your back
  • Move your arm to other side

Most importantly, while you slee, you better not lay flat on back as it will put pressure on the shoulder, instead proper on upper body with help of cushions and pillows.