Superfoods For Healthy Nails

1. Raw Tomatoes The key fixings that you find in tomatoes are lycopene and biotin. Lycopene will help in making your nails become healthier and thicker. It will keep your nails from fragility. Normal utilization of tomatoes will help in enhancing the look and sparkle of the nails. Tomatoes are additionally rich in Vitamin An and are plenteous hotspot for Vitamin C.    Advantages:  • Make beyond any doubt that you take no less than maybe a couple crude tomatoes regular to create solid and sparkling nails.  • Cooking the tomatoes will take away the Vitamin C in it and thus devouring it crude is perfect for nail and skin development.  • Dipping your hands in a blend of tomato juice with rosemary oil for around five to ten minutes will help in saturating and drawing out the regular look and the shading of your nails.    

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